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  • The Reel Christmas Story – Elf | Sermon from 12/18/2016

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    In school at the North Pole, Buddy learned The Code of the Elves.
    1. Treat every day like Christmas.
    2. There’s room for everyone on the nice list.
    3. The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear.
    This code not only makes for good elves, but for faithful followers of Jesus. Explore how the movie Elf and the Code of the Elves points us to the real Christmas Story.

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  • The Reel Christmas Story – It’s A Wonderful Life | Sermon from 12/11/2016

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    In the darkest moment of his life, George Bailey didn’t think his life had much value, but an angel named Clarence helped him see that he was living a truly wonderful life. What made George’s life wonderful wasn’t what he received but the joy he found in what he gave. See how the classic movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, points us to Jesus and the real Christmas story.

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  • The Reel Christmas Story – How the Grinch Stole Christmas | Sermon from 12/4/2016

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    This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic Christmas cartoon, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. From 1966 to the present, the story of the Grinch has entertained young and old and we cheer every time the “Who’s down in Whoville” show us the real meaning of Christmas. The story reminds us that within each of us there is a little bit of the Grinch and a little bit of a Who; which one will we nurture? How can we make sure our hearts are growing and not shrinking? Find hope and peace through the transformation of the Grinch.

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  • The Reel Story of Christmas – Miracle of 34th Street | Sermon from 11/27/2016

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    Winner of 4 Academy Awards, Miracle on 34th Street is considered one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time. While in the movie we find Kris Kringle on trial for being the real Santa Claus, what is really on trial is our faith and hope. Can we open our hearts in this season to once again believe in things we cannot see? Can we place our hope in a God whose love and grace can’t be “proved” in a court of law but can be experienced in our lives and world? Explore the real meaning of Christmas through the classic movie, Miracle on 34th Street.

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  • How Will You Measure Your Life? – Who You Serve | Sermon from 11/20/2016


    For the past two weeks we have been talking about how we want our lives to be measured.  It’s important to think about this because how we are living today and the priorities we set today will determine how we will be remembered by others and how we will be measured by God in the [...]

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  • How Will You Measure Your Life – What You Give | Sermon from 11/13/2016

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    Too often we measure our lives by counting up what we have earned or making an inventory of what we have bought. We compare ourselves to coworkers to see how our salaries compare or we look at our possessions to see if we are keeping pace with our neighbors. What if we turned the equation around and measured life not by what we earn or spend on ourselves but by what we give to God and others? Jesus was clear that it is more blessed to give than to receive, so this week we will explore how to live today so our lives can be measured by generosity tomorrow.

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  • How Will You Measure Your Life? How You Love | Sermon from 11/6/2016


    By what means do you measure the success of your life? The balance of your checking account? Your position at work? Your place in the community? The inventory of your home? When it comes to the end of your life, are these the things you want people talking about? Most of us want our lives celebrated by more important measurements like how we love and what we give and who we serve. Join us as we work to set the right priorities so that a year from now our lives will measure up to the life we want and the life God wants for us. This time our focus is on who and how we love.

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  • Epic Stories Continue – Pastor Terry Daugherty | Sermon from 10/30/2016


    Across recent weeks we have looked at the epic stories of some amazing people. From the epic story of Creation, to Joseph, Ruth, Noah, and Jonah, we have seen how God can use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Of course it is through the power of God’s Holy Spirit that we ordinary people can [...]

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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Us | Sermon from 10/23/2016

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    We were created in the image of God – who was a story-teller – so we are to tell stories and we are to tell God’s story. Does your life tell the story of God? Does your life share God’s love, grace and power? Does your life tell the story of family and faith? As we close our series on Epic Stories, join us as we listen for and discover all the ways we can tell the story of God using the fullness of our lives.

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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Jonah | Sermon from 10/16/2016


    Have you ever been given a second chance? Did you take it? What about a third or fourth chance? Are you being given one today? While we know the story of Jonah is about a man who finds himself inside the belly of a Big Fish, it is also an epic story of second chances. God gives us second chances and when he does we need to make the most of them. We are all given a second chance and another chance to live for God.

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