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  • First Love – David Carter | Sermon from 4/10/2016


    Do you remember your first love? It probably happened at different times and looked a little different for each of us… but you know it happened because it was that time when you first “felt something” for someone. A flutter in your stomach… or maybe you felt sick when you were around him. Maybe the sight of her made you stumble over your words, or trip over your own feet…

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  • Witnesses – Doubting Thomas | Sermon from 4/3/2016

    Witnesses 940 x 250

    When Jesus first appeared to his disciples after the resurrection, Thomas was not there. Since the vision of Jesus being betrayed, beaten and crucified was so powerful, Thomas wasn’t able to let it go – even with the eyewitness testimony of all his friends. But Thomas stayed with the disciples and in time he too got to witness the resurrected Jesus. See how that witness changed Thomas’ life and how his witness changed the world.

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  • Witesses – Mary Magdalene | Sermon from Easter 3/27/2016

    Witnesses 940 x 250

    We are able to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ because people not only witnessed the risen Christ but were also willing to witness to this good news by telling others. Explore what it means to be witnesses of the resurrection. Mary was the first witness of the risen Jesus and her witness of Jesus started a movement that changed people and changed the world. The witness that will change your heart and your world.

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  • Victory – Terry Daugherty | Sermon from Easter Sunrise 3/27/2016

    Easter Sunrise 2016-web

    The Scriptures are full of all types of conflicts: conflicts of person against person; conflicts of nation against nation; conflicts of the forces of evil against the forces of good. We will examine some of these conflicts between good and evil at the Easter Sunrise Service, especially those conflicts where it appeared that evil was going to win.

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  • FOLLOW – Leading Great | Sermon from Maundy Thursday 3/24/2016

    FOLLOW-940x250-Leading Great

    Maundy Thursday is the night we celebrate the last supper of Jesus. It was not only the night Jesus gave himself for us in the bread and the cup however, it was also the night he taught us that to FOLLOW means more than just believing that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. To FOLLOW means being willing to lace up some work boots and serve. Before the last supper, Jesus set an example of leadership and service which stands to this day. Learn how leading great is part of what it means for us to FOLLOW.

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  • FOLLOW – Un-Follow | Sermon from 3/20/2016


    What we celebrate as Palm Sunday was the joyous entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. That day, crowds following shouting out, Hosanna, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. By Friday, many in that crowd had turned away from Jesus and cried out, Crucify Him. Crucify Him. What is it that causes people to turn away from Jesus and unfollow? Learn how to remain a faithful follower of Jesus.

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  • FOLLOW – I Want | Sermon from 3/13/2016

    FOLLOW-940x250-I Want

    To follow Jesus often means letting go of what I Want. While it’s not easy to say good-bye to our purposes and plans, the consequences of holding on can be disastrous. Learn from Judas the importance of wanting what God wants and not what I want.

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  • FOLLOW – Fine Print | Sermon from 3/6/2016

    FOLLOW-940x250-Fine Print

    Did you read the fine print of your cell phone contract? Did you read all the terms and conditions before clicking “I agree” when you signed up for facebook? If you are like me, the answer is no, but when it comes to following Jesus it is important to understand the fine print. While salvation is free and costs us nothing, following Jesus will eventually cost us something. Together we’ll read the fine print.

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  • FOLLOW – Follow Wear | Sermon from 2/28/2016

    FOLLOW-940x250-Follow Wear

    If you follow a team you wear their sweatshirts and if you follow a band you wear their t-shirts, but what do we wear if we follow Jesus? While Jesus never talked about clothes to wear in order to follow, he did talk about what our lives needed to look like. Learn about some “follow-wear” that needs to be part of every Christian’s wardrobe.

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  • FOLLOW – Fearless | Sermon from 2/21/2016


    I follow Jesus because __________________.
    How would you complete this statement? Why do you follow? What’s the promise or the payoff we get when we follow? Begining to answer these questions and the reward in following just might surprise you.

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