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  • Easter Sunrise Message – David Carter | 4/1/2018

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    When the first automobile was being invented, there were probably people who didn’t believe it was possible. The same is true for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When they found the empty tomb, the women, Peter, and the other disciples all had different reactions. Fnd out what fueled their reaction and how we can be expect God work in our lives.

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  • Maundy Thursday Message – Terry Daugherty | 3/29/2018


    Maundy Thursday worship explores God’s work of salvation in the Old Testament as celebrated in the Feast of Passover and God’s work of salvation in the New Testament as celebrated in Holy Communion. In what ways might these two works of God’s salvation and their celebrations be related?

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  • The Garden Of Redemption (Palm Sunday) | Sermon from 3/25/2018


    The gospel of John tells us that Jesus suffered, died, was buried and rose again in a garden. It is in this garden that we find forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life. It is in this garden that we find redemption. We look at how the work of Jesus in this garden brings us redemption and new life. (Genesis 3:19, John 19:41-42, Galatians 3:13)

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  • The Garden Of Gethsemane | Sermon from 3/18/2018


    The suffering of Jesus begins in the Garden of Gethsemane. The prayer Jesus makes in this garden is the prayer we all need to make if we want to live in the garden of God. We focus our hearts on how to pray Thy Will Be Done! (John 18:1, Matthew 26:36, 39)

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  • The Garden and the Kingdom of God | Sermon from 3/11/2018


    While Jesus lived in the geographical area that might have been considered the Promised Land, he also talked about a better land – the Kingdom of God. Many of the stories Jesus told referenced a garden and how we need to live in that garden. This week we will look at the garden Jesus calls us to build on earth – the Kingdom of God.

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  • In The Garden – The Garden And The Promised Land | Sermon from 3/4/2018


    While paradise, the garden of God, was lost – we never stop longing for it in our hearts. For Israel, the Promised Land might have been a location, but is was also an ideal and a way of life. We still long to live in this Promised Land. We look deep within to rekindle our desire for the Promised Land. (Genesis 13:10, Exodus 3:7-9, Isaiah 51:3)

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  • In The Garden – Paradise Lost | Sermon from 2/25/2018


    Creation started in a garden but this paradise was lost through the voice of the serpent. We look at how the story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit is really our story and how we can guard ourselves against the voice of the serpent.

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  • In The Garden – In The Beginning | Sermon from 2/18/2018

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    The story of creation begins in a garden and ends in a garden and it is in a garden the Jesus suffers, dies, is buried and then rises again. Gardens are important to the story of faith and they are important to how we need to live our lives. Join us as we learn how it all began in the Garden of Eden and what this garden tells us about God, ourselves and our lives.

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  • Love God Not The Selfie | Sermon from 2/11/2018

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    Love God not the selfie.
    In the time it took you to read that title, 1,000 selfies were posted to Instagram. We live in a world where more time and energy is spent looking at ourselves than at God or others. When we care more about ourselves, we call it pride and it is pride that leads to destruction of heart and life and relationships. Join us by reading or listening as we learn how to love God and not the selfie.

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  • Embrace Forgiveness – How To Forgive | Sermon on 2/4/2018

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    Releasing hurt and anger is never easy. Last week’s message struck a chord with many people so this week I want us to continue to explore what it means to embrace forgiveness. Join us on Sunday as we hear again the importance of forgiveness and lean more tools to help us forgive ourselves and others. Our celebration of Holy Communion will be an opportunity to embrace God’s forgiveness and find strength in God’s Spirit to forgive others.

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