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  • Starting Over | Sermon from 1/7/2018

    940x250 Starting Over

    We’ve all had the experience of putting something together only to have to take it apart and start over.
    In Career, Relationships, and Dreams how do we break the cycle of mistakes and failed attempts Read or Listen as we learn the secret of starting over.

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  • What Gift Will You Give? | Sermon from 12/31/2017

    what gift will you give 2-smaller-web

    The wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh – not exactly gifts fit for a child, but certainly gifts fit for a King. What gift will you give to Jesus? Join us by reading or listening, as we explore what the gifts of the wise men teach us about gifts we need to give to Jesus in the coming New Year.

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  • Don’t Miss It – Christmas Eve Message

    Jesus Resting on a Manger

    Did you miss it? Christmas carols have been playing on the radio as we have raced all over town shopping and running kids from parties to rehearsals to programs. Have we taken the time hear these songs of joy or did we miss it? Lights are shining on people’s homes all over town. Did this light fill us with a sense of awe and wonder, did it remind us that Jesus is the light that shines into our darkness or did we miss it?

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  • Don’t Miss It – Don’t Miss The Light | Sermon from 12/24/2017

    940 x 250 Don't Miss it

    We can’t miss the lights on houses and trees in this season of the year but it is easy to miss the light of God. God’s word is a light that shines in our darkness and that word became flesh in Jesus. Join us by reading or listening, as we hear four important promises that God’s light brings into our darkness. Don’t miss it.

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  • Don’t Miss It – Don’t miss the chance | Sermon on 12/17/2017

    940 x 250 Don't Miss it

    I am a December 23rd Christmas shopper and what I have found through the years is, if you put things off that long, you miss the chance to buy the gifts you wanted to give. This Christmas, don’t miss the chance – not to buy gifts, but to receive THE gift – the gift of Jesus. Jesus came to forgive us and give us a new life. Jesus came to make available to us a relationship with God and show us how to have healthy relationships with one another. This is the gift that can be ours in Christmas – Don’t Miss It. Read or listen as we once again have the opportunity to receive God’s grace and hear ways to strengthen our relationships with family and friends.

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  • Don’t Miss It – Don’t miss the song | Sermon on 12/10/2017

    940 x 250 Don't Miss it

    Don’t Miss the Song! The message of Christmas has always been tied into music. Mary sang at the news that she had been chosen to be the mother of the Messiah and the angels sang on the night Jesus was born. Music helps make the season bright, but it is the message of those songs that brings us life. As we enjoy special music at both our worship services and reflect on the great gift of Jesus be sure you, Don’t Miss It.

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  • Don’t Miss It – Don’t miss the moment | Sermon on 12/3/2017

    940 x 250 Don't Miss it

    Don’t Miss It. How is it that so many people missed the birth of Jesus? Some people were too busy, their lives were too full to notice. Some people were too familiar with the story of a Messiah being born in Bethlehem so they didn’t pay it any attention, and some people had just given up hope that the Messiah would ever come. Being too busy, finding the story too familiar and not having hope are still reasons why people today miss Jesus today. Together we will make room for Jesus in our hearts and homes. Advent is the season to welcome Jesus – don’t miss it.

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  • Giving Thanks | Sermon on 11/26/2017

    thanksgiving image blank-web

    While this week we focused on giving thanks for all the blessings of life, our practice of thanks-giving needs to become a lifestyle. As followers of Jesus, gratitude needs to be one of the hallmarks of our lives and it can be with three simple steps: Remember – Repeat – Return. A life time of giving thanks starts with remembering who God is and what God has done. We need to remember the promises God has made and acknowledge God’s work in our lives. Then we need to repeat this process and remember these things all over again. Then we need to return to God with our hands and our hearts, our lives and our love. Don’t let this past week be the last time you give thanks, until next November, make this the beginning of a new life of thanks-giving. On this Thanksgiving weekend, we continue to Give Thanks!

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  • The Good Life – Relationships and Trusting God | Sermon from 11/19/2017

    940x411 good life

    Does success lead to the good life? If we define success as fame and fortune, profits and popularity, then people like Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe would tell us “no”. Daily we hear in the news about some of the most successful people in their fields being disgraced because their success didn’t bring them true life. When Jesus was offered great success in this world, he turned it down for a path that would truly lead him to the good life. Read and listen, as we learn how trusting God and our relationships with one another are the keys to the good life.

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  • The Good Life – Simplicity and Giving | Sermon from 11/12/2017

    940x250 good life

    Money is the root of all evil is one of the most misquoted verses in the Bible. What the Bible actually says is this, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. (1 Timothy 9:10) Money itself is not bad or evil, in fact, it is a necessity for life, but contrary to what the world says around us, our pursuit of more money does not lead us to a good life. What does lead to a good life is how we manage the money we have. Follow us as we look at our finances to discover two more keys to a good life – simplicity and giving.

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