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  • When God Speaks, People Move – Sermon from 9/10/2017

    When God Speaks 2-web

    When God speaks – people move! Abraham moved into a new home. Moses moved into a new nation. David moved into the Palace. Peter moved into a new career. A woman moved into a new life. When God speaks – people move. Join us as we open our hearts and minds to hear God’s voice speak and prepare our feet to move into the new life God has for each of us. What will God say to you? Where will you move?

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  • God’s Still Creating – David Carter | Sermon from 9/3/2017


    The beginning of any movie sets the scene for everything that follows. If you’ve ever walked into a movie late, you know that catching up on what you missed in the first few moments is crucial. The beginning of our story is just as important. Our story begins with “In the beginning, God…” God created everything, everywhere. And God is still working in our world today, in each one of our lives. In this message we dive into how the beginning of our story can help us understand how God is still creating in our lives today.

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  • VACATION – Home Again | Sermon from 8/27/2017

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    Every vacation comes to end. Whether it is a week at the beach or a summer off from school, vacations end and we all head home again. While home provides the sweet relief of comfortable routines of work and school that give our lives structure and balance, there also come stress and burdens. Jesus and a few of his disciples had a true mountain top experience and then headed home again. This Sunday we will learn from Jesus’ example and teaching how to survive the end of vacations and the reality of heading back to work and back to school and back to the “real world”.

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  • VACATION – Recalculating | Sermon from 8/13/2017

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    Going on vacation with a GPS to guide your way can be great, until you miss the turn and hear that dreaded word… recalculating. Whether it is a missed turn or a closed road or some unexpected event, there are times we all have to recalculate our vacations and there are also times we have to recalculate our lives. When the unexpected happens, there are three things that are needed to help us keep going but in a new direction: faith, courage and humility. Join us as we learn from the journeys of Jonah and Paul how to recalculate.

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  • I Believe – The Apostles’ Creed – the Church | Sermon from 7/9/2017

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    Holy catholic church – three of the most misunderstood words in the Apostles’ Creed. Holy catholic church – three of the most important words in the Apostles’ Creed because these are the words that need to shape our faith, our lives and our life together. In a world that grows increasingly divided, we are called to be one. Jesus’ prayer was that our unity would be a beacon of hope and light that reflects the reality of God. Join us as we uncover what these words mean and what they mean for us.

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  • Moving Forward – Sermon from 5/28/2017

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    When Jesus ascended into heaven, the disciples stood around looking up and thinking back to the time they had spent with Jesus, but messengers from God told them to move forward. Live your lives following the example of the One who has ascended. Memorial Day is also not just a day to look up and think back to the lives of those who sacrificed and served for us. Memorial Day should also be a day to move forward living our lives following the example of those who have given so much. Join us as we see how both Memorial Day and the Ascension of Jesus call us to Move Forward.

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  • “O The Blessedness of…” – Terry Daugherty | Sermon from 5/21/2017


    Count your blessings. How often we have probably heard and said those words. Count your blessings; it is a good and worthwhile thing to do. But have you ever stopped to count or consider your blessedness? Are blessing and blessedness the same thing? Join us as we explore the concept of blessedness.

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  • Living Stones – David Carter | Sermon from 5/14/2017

    Living Stones Graphic

    Peter tells the early church that they are like living stones, being built into that which God has called them. We will dive into our role in the world according to Peter.

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  • Easter Sunrise Message – 4/16/2017

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    We will make our own early morning journey from the darkness of death into the light of new life remembering that the grave could not hold Jesus. This brief time of worship allows us to be part of that first resurrection morning!

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  • Maundy Thursday – Wash Me Jesus | 4/13/2017

    Maundy Thursday-wash me jesus-web

    Holy Thursday is holy time of worship that focuses on Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and the struggle that Peter had in letting Jesus do it.

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