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  • Maundy Thursday – Wash Me Jesus | 4/13/2017

    Maundy Thursday-wash me jesus-web

    Holy Thursday is holy time of worship that focuses on Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and the struggle that Peter had in letting Jesus do it.

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  • The True Fast – Ash Wednesday Worship – David Carter | Sermon from 3/1/2017

    Ash Wednesday Graphic 2017-web

    Intro: Whenever we think about lent, we often think about fasting.  And whenever we hear about fasting, lots of different images come to mind… some people do diet fasting, like a juice fast.  I’m not sure if the whole30 diet that everyone is doing these days might be considered a fast?  If you’re not familiar [...]

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  • Risk and Reward – Sermon from 2/26/2017

    Risk and Rewardv3-web

    I’ll be honest with you; I’ve never been a big risk taker.  Whether it is my own insecurities or a fear of looking foolish and failing, I don’t know, but more often than not I play it safe, but looking back, many of the times I did take a risk – the rewards were huge. [...]

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  • Expectations – Terry Daugherty | Sermon from 2/19/2017


    We all have expectations, even the those we have not thoughtfully formulated or those of which we are not consciously aware. Some commonly held expectations include a life of health, wealth, and happiness. But as we know, not all expectations in life are fulfilled. Join us examine the ways in which expectations shape the way in which we live our lives.

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  • Happy Are Those Who Keep Gods Word – Sermon from 2/12/2017

    happy are those-web

    According to God, the key to being happy isn’t hard – it’s in keeping God’s word. Blessing, peace, joy and the fullness of life are found when we allow God’s word to be at the center of our hearts and lives. While keeping God’s word means more than reading the Bible, the good news is that it doesn’t mean we have to obey it completely – because that is just not possible. Join us as we explore the beginning of the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119, and what it means to “keep” God’s word and be happy.

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  • Salt and Light – You Are the Light of the World | Sermon from 2/5/2017

    You are the Light of the World-web

    Fear. Animosity. Division. Derision. Our world is a dark place that needs light and you are the light of the world. Jesus calls his followers to be a beacon of hope and inspiration whose words, attitudes and actions bring life to those around us. While others add to the darkness, can we bring light? While others increase the decay of our society, can we work to be the salt that preserves? Now more than ever, the world needs the people of God to be salt and light. See how to embody these timely words of Jesus.

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  • What will guide you in the New Year? ~ A Star. A Book. A Voice. | Sermon from 1/1/2017

    Wiseman Finish-web

    What will guide you in the New Year?
    While some may follow whatever is trending on social media, I want to follow The Star, The Book and The Voice. Look at the story of the Magi and how their journey can be an example for us in the New Year.

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  • Epic Stories Continue – Pastor Terry Daugherty | Sermon from 10/30/2016


    Across recent weeks we have looked at the epic stories of some amazing people. From the epic story of Creation, to Joseph, Ruth, Noah, and Jonah, we have seen how God can use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Of course it is through the power of God’s Holy Spirit that we ordinary people can [...]

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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Joseph | Sermon from 9/25/2016

    Joseph Plain-web

    The Story of Joseph
    The Story of Joseph has been made into movies and musicals but beyond the coats and dreams which often become our focus we see that the story of Joseph is an epic story of forgiveness. What moves a man to forgive his brothers for selling him into slavery and wanting to kill him? How does that kind of faith develop and how can it develop in us? Join us as we consider how this epic story of forgiveness can be part of our own lives.

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  • Lessons to Remember – Sermon from 9/11/2016


    15 years ago, our nation was attacked at the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and over the skies of Pennsylvania. Most of us can remember where we were when we heard about these events and the videos and images from that day bring back many thoughts and feelings. As our pain heals and memorials are visited at all three locations, we also can’t forget the lessons learned from that day and the days that followed. Join us as we look back at the lessons learned from September 11 and how we can keep those lessons shaping our faith, our lives and the life of our families and community.

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