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  • Work – Labor Day Sunday | Sermon from 9/4/2016

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    Labor Day is an interesting holiday. We don’t sing Labor Day songs. We don’t send Labor Day cards. We don’t order Labor Day cakes and when was the last time someone wished you a Happy Labor Day (or is that a Merry Labor Day)? While it is a day for us to honor work, we do that by giving many people the day off. It all seems kind of strange… as does our understanding of work in general. Look at what God has to say about work and how we can transform our attitude about work even if we can’t transform the places where we do work.

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  • First Day – Sermon from 8/28/2016

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    The first day of school, the first day of college, the first day on a new job, the first day of retirement… life is full of first days and with them comes uncertainty and anxiety. Through all our “first days”, God is there and by looking at the “first days” during Jesus life we see that God is there with a plan and with power. Read and listen to get ready for your “first day.

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  • America the Beautiful – Sermon from 7/3/2016

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    Election Day is in 4 months, which means that the next 120 days will be filled with divisive discussions and political partisanship. From campaign trails to social media to the dining room table, we will be divided and things could get ugly. It will be easy to get discouraged thinking about our nation and our future. As followers of Jesus, we are not called to conform to the world but work to transform it, so join us this Sunday as we learn how to set a different tone during this election season. Celebrate our freedom in Christ as we learn 5 simple lessons that can help keep things beautiful.

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  • Remember Me – Memorial Day | Sermon from 5/29/2016


    On Memorial Day Weekend the voices of those who died in service to our country call out to us saying Remember Me. They don’t want just a token moment of reflection; they want our lives to embrace their spirit of sacrifice, service and love. They want us to be connected to them. In the Bible, when we hear the words Remember Me it is also a call to be connected to those who are speaking. At times it is a call for God to be connected to us and with Jesus it was a call for us to be connected to Him. Let us truly remember all those who have served and sacrificed for us, including our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Make this the #bestsummereverFC.

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  • #bestdayever – Sermon from 5/22/2016


    What was your best day ever? The day you were married? The day your children were born? The day you graduated, started work at your dream job or received the good diagnosis? Learn how to live a life that ensures that our bestdayever will always be tomorrow!

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  • Endoscopic Christianity – Dan Christopher | Sermon from 5/15/2016

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    A surgeon can use an endoscope to look inside an organ, or a joint, to see what’s going on. In a way, we can sometimes be a bit endoscopic in our faith. We just look inside from time to time to see what’s going on without really engaging in our faith. Get your diagnosis as to whether you may be an “Endoscopic Christian” and to find out what treatment God may prescribe for you.

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  • Leaving a Legacy – David Carter | Sermon from 5/8/2016

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    Mother’s Day is an opportunity for all of us to take a step back and reflect on what we’re leaving behind for our children and our world. Money and possessions are the easiest things to leave behind because we can store them up, take care of them, and have them distributed by an attorney when we die, instead we will look at how to leave a legacy of faith for others.

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  • Shine Upon Us – Sermon from 5/1/2016


    Whether it is new graduates, newlyweds or our Mothers, May is a month we often ask God to bless others, but what is God’s blessing all about? Does God’s blessing benefit us, others or God? Could God’s blessing benefit all three? Join us as we explore Psalm 67 and learn what happens when God shines on us.

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  • First Love – David Carter | Sermon from 4/10/2016


    Do you remember your first love? It probably happened at different times and looked a little different for each of us… but you know it happened because it was that time when you first “felt something” for someone. A flutter in your stomach… or maybe you felt sick when you were around him. Maybe the sight of her made you stumble over your words, or trip over your own feet…

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  • Victory – Terry Daugherty | Sermon from Easter Sunrise 3/27/2016

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    The Scriptures are full of all types of conflicts: conflicts of person against person; conflicts of nation against nation; conflicts of the forces of evil against the forces of good. We will examine some of these conflicts between good and evil at the Easter Sunrise Service, especially those conflicts where it appeared that evil was going to win.

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