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  • To Remind You | Sermon from 5/24/2015

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    Every day it seems that I forget more and more. Names, dates, appointments, my grocery list… it get’s frustrating at times. While some say we are more forgetful today because there is so much more we need to remember, forgetting things has always been part of the human condition that God has addressed. The #1 command in Scripture isn’t to love or obey, it is to remember. Just as Memorial Day was created to remind us of those who have served our nation, the Holy Spirit was given to remind us of God’s presence and power and purpose in our lives.

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  • The Finish Line – David Carter | Sermon from 5/17/2015

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    There’s a right way and a wrong way to do many things. Saying the words, “I forgive you” doesn’t release the person from the grudge we hold against them unless, in our hearts, we have done it. For our worship to be true, God desires a change in our heart and a reorientation of our lives.

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  • The Power of Your Words – Dan Christopher | Sermon from 5/10/2015


    In the beginning God created and he created in a very miraculous way. For example, Genesis 1:3 says, “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” God created by speaking. The Bible also says that we were were created in God’s image. Does this mean that we can create too and that we can create by speaking just like God?

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  • Their Eyes Were Opened – Sermon from 4/12/2015

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    After his resurrection, Jesus revealed himself to his followers when He broke and gave them bread. Today we still see Jesus in simple acts of giving and we reveal Jesus to others when we are willing to serve. We once again see Jesus in the breaking of bread during Holy Communion and as together we learn how to be that broken bread which reveals the living Christ to the world.

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  • Easter Sunday – He Is Not Here | Sermon from 4/5/2015

    he is not here

    It is hard for us on Easter when we come together saying, Christ is Risen (Christ is Risen Indeed) to think about what it must have been like for Mary, Peter, John and the rest of Jesus’ disciples.  They didn’t know the end of the story – they only knew what had happened in the [...]

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  • Maundy Thursday – From Prayer to Action | Sermon from 4/2/2015

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    Jesus didn’t just pray and teach us how to pray, he lived out his prayers with conviction and courage.  During the final days of his life, Jesus turned his prayers into loving actions of service and hospitality as he washed the disciples’ feet and hosted their Passover Meal. We remember these events and ask God for the courage and conviction to follow the example of Jesus and turn our prayers into action.

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  • Listen to Him – Sermon from 2/15/2015

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    Have you ever felt the presence of God? Have you ever known beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was speaking to you? The disciples, Peter, James and John knew God was with them on the mountain top and God’s message to them was clear. Hear that message and learn what it means for our lives today.

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  • Living in the Caves – Sermon by David Carter on 2/8/2015

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    Before he became king of Israel, David faced a significant challenge that caused him to be found in a cave, desperate for God’s help. At some point in life we all experience some sort of set back. When we find ourselves in those “caves,” what can we be sure of? Can we trust God? If so, what are we trusting Him to do? Discover what David knew about God and how it got him out of the cave.

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  • First Things First – Sermon from 2/1/2015

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    We learn a lot about what is important to Jesus by looking at His very first act in ministry. In Mark’s gospel, Jesus goes to the synagogue to teach and what happened through His teaching that day no one would forget. This first day of Jesus ministry shows us what should be first in our lives of faith and how putting first things first can strengthen our faith and give power, real power, to our lives. Put first things first.

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  • What Now? – Sermon from 12/28/2014

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    All the excitement was three days ago. Today the activity and excitement has settled down, the work is done and all the guests have gone home. All the waiting and anticipation that has been leading up to this event is over and we are left asking, now what? I’m actually not talking about our celebration of Christmas; I’m talking about life for Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds.

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