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  • Stand Strong Together | Sermon from 8/4/2013

    Sheep under a tree near Dorset, England.

    We continue to learn how to stand strong by looking at the importance of standing together. God did not create us to go through life alone and our faith was never meant to be an individual journey. We will be stronger in our faith when we learn how to truly encourage and support one another.

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  • Standing Strong in Prayer | Sermon from 7/28/2013


    We continue to learn how to Stand Strong in our faith by using all types of prayer.

    Pray in the Spirit at all times and with all kinds of prayers… Pray also for me,that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador. Ephesians 6:18-20

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  • The Armor of God – Sermon from 7/21/2013

    Medieval warrior soldier metal protective wear

    We celebrate our week of Vacation Bible School by learning how to use the armor of God to “STAND STRONG”. God has given us all the tools and resources we need to not just battle but overcome the struggles we face in this world, so let’s use them!

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  • The Way – Walking In the Footsteps of Jesus – The Wilderness | Sermon from 6/9/2013

    Walking on the sandbeach

    Immediately after his baptism, Jesus went into the wilderness where he endured a time of testing. We all face times of testing in the wilderness of our lives and we can learn from Jesus how to not endure those times, but emerge victorious and stronger in the end.

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  • First Responders…of Faith – Sermon from 5/26/2013

    first resp-web

    We have seen it again; in Moore, OK people literally ran through the storm to help rescue children from a collapsed school. Last month in Boston we saw spectators run toward an unsecured bomb site to help those injured. Here in Bellefonte we have seen dedicated men and women run into burning buildings and uncertain crime scenes to offer aid and assistance. We also remember countless men and women from our armed services who gave their lives running toward dangerous situations on the shores of France, in the jungles of Vietnam and across the barren mountains of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are free, safe and secure today because of these First Responders. We thank God for these first responders and consider what it will take for us to be a first responder… of faith.

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  • Reflections From the Woodshed – Dick Snyder | Sermon from 3/19/2013


    “Did Jesus preach on oak, maple or locust as being the better firewood?”

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  • Meaningful Worship – David Carter | Sermon from 5/12/2013

    praise hands to the sky-web

    On Sunday morning, Christians around the world will Worship God. People of all languages, skin colors, and cultures will join together and lift God’s name. Is Worshiping one way or in one place better than Worship somewhere else? Is it possible to be more meaningful in our Worship? If so, how?

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  • Easter Sunrise – Empty Promises | Sermon from 3/31/2013

    Mt Sunrise-web

    Make a early morning journey from the darkness of death into the light of life remembering that the grave could not hold Jesus.

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  • Final Words From the Cross – I Thirst | Sermon from 3/17/2013

    Good Friday

    Of all the final words from the cross, this one is the most human. Many people in the final moments of life cry out for something to drink. But what do these words really point to? Do they just remind us that Jesus was fully human or do the reveal a deeper sense of his life’s mission and purpose as the Son of God.

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  • Final Words From the Cross – “Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise” | Sermon from 2/24/2013

    Good Friday

    His first word from the cross was a prayer to forgive; his second word put that prayer into action. We continue our look at Jesus’ Final Words from the Cross and find out what Jesus’ offer of forgiveness to one of the men crucified with him means for us today.

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