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  • Love One Another – Dan Christopher | Sermon from 2/10/2013

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    If you ask different people what they think love is you will get a wide range of answers. In this week’s message you will hear what some kids think love is, what others have written about what love is, and what God’s Word says it is. Author Erich Fromm says, “There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love.” So in this message, we will try to discover what love really is and how we can choose to love others by giving of ourselves to them.

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  • Repentance | Sermon from 2/3/2013


    Some people followed Jesus and cheered him on while others wanted to kill him. What was the difference between these two groups of people? Those who followed Jesus were all willing to change. They changed their understanding of God’s grace and love, they changed their own hearts and attitudes, and they changed their words and actions. They all changed and we call this change – REPENTANCE. No one can follow Jesus without repentance which requires both humility and an openness to God’s new life.

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  • The “WOW” of Thanks-Giving | Sermon for 11/25/2012


    Don’t let Black Friday (or Thursday!) crowd out your Thanksgiving. Instead, keep the season of giving thanks alive long after the turkey is gone by learning how one simple word can help us give thanks in all circumstances. This Sunday join us as we explore the “WOW” of Thanks-Giving.

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