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Church Custodian needed


A Full Time Custodian is needed for Faith UMC, 512 Hughes St.  Bellefonte, PA.  Duties include cleaning of church, daycare and playschool, light maintenance, snow removal and yard work.  Applicant must provide all necessary clearances before work begins.  For application, contact the church office (814) 355-3358 or stop by the church Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm.  EEO


Custodian Duties -2017

DAILY (Monday – Friday and as needed)

All Bathrooms:

  • Sweep/map floors
  • Clean toilets/sinks/partitions/mirrors
  • Check/replace paper towels/toilet tissue
  • Empty Trash


Office Entrance

  • Vacuum
  • Clean all surfaces


Church Offices:

  • Empty trash cans


Front Hallway (Child Care Area):

  • Vacuum Hallway
  • Clean water fountain



  • Check/empty trash
  • Clean up as needed


Fellowship Hall

  • Empty Trash



  • Empty Trash Bin to Dumpster


Parking Lot

  • Pick up Trash



Walk Thru of Church:

  • Tidy up/vacuum/dust all areas as needed.
  • Check generator (during Friday AM run)
  • Check roof drain heat tapes (mid Nov. thru March)
  • Run water in basement waste holding tank until pump kicks on


WEEKLY (and as needed)


  • Vacuum Sanctuary and Rooms/Hall behind Sanctuary
  • Clean/polish wood work and piano
  • Empty trash in Sanctuary and rooms behind Sanctuary


Sanctuary Lobby (Narthex):

  • Vacuum lobby, hallways and storage rooms
  • Clean / disinfect all surfaces
  • Wash entrance doors/windows


Choir Room

  • Vacuum
  • Clean / disinfect all surfaces


Classrooms in Back Hallway and Hallway

  • Empty trash
  • Vacuum
  • Clean / disinfect all surfaces
  • Set up tables and chairs as needed
  • Clean Windows



  • Vacuum
  • Clean / disinfect all surfaces


Infant Nursery

  • Vacuum
  • Clean / disinfect all surfaces


Room 25

  • Vacuum
  • Clean / disinfect all surfaces


Kitchen and Kitchen Hallway:

  • Sweep and Mop
  • Vacuum


Fellowship Hall

  • Vacuum


Seasonal Work and Other Duties

 Other Duties:

  • Setting up and tearing down tables and chairs for special events
  • Order and keep inventory of all Custodial Supplies and Salt
  • Run errands for custodial supplies and repair work
  • Light maintenance
  • Shampoo carpets as needed and when scheduled
  • Painting
  • Pressure Washing
  • Treat Drains in Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Check and replace light bulbs
  • Assist with Daycare and Playschool cleaning in emergencies
  • Contact Facilities Manager (FM) / Trustees when repairs are needed
  • Complete “to-do” list from FM / trustees
  • Assess problems and work on plumbing, electric and mechanical work in the church (under direction of FM / Trustees)


Seasonal Work


  • Prep snow-blowers for winter use
  • Snow and Ice removal on sidewalks and entry ways – Spreading salt
  • Clean wax from Sanctuary Carpets (after Christmas Eve services)

Spring and Summer

  • Assist with spring yard work as needed
  • Outside washing of church windows (through spring and summer)
  • Trim grass around playgrounds and gardens as needed
  • Lawn Mowing when needed


  • Rake Leaves at all entrances and front yard

During Daycare / Playschool Breaks (August and December)

  • strip/wax floors in classrooms
  • strip/wax floors in bathrooms


Sunday Morning

8:15 am: Traditional Worship Service with Nursery
10:45 am: Contemporary Worship Service with Nursery and Children’s Church

512 Hughes Street Bellefonte, PA 16823

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