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Experiencing Christmas – Advent Sermon Series

  • Dec 02

    Starts: December 2, 2012

    Ends: December 30, 2012

Dec. 2 – Expect A Miracle:

During the season of Advent we need to focus on PRESENCE not PRESENTS.  The miracle we celebrate this season is God coming to be with us and what God can do in us and through us when we give ourselves to Him.  Like Mary we are ordinary people, but if we are willing to surrender to God’s Holy Spirit, we will see and experience the miracle of God’s presence in our lives.

Dec. 9 – Give Up On Perfection: 

Life get’s messy, but in the midst of the mess – God shows up.  Life got messy for Joseph.  His engagement was not turning out the way he thought it would, but God showed up and told him it was ok.  God was in his mess and God is in our mess – always.

Dec. 16 – Never Home Alone:

In the movie Home Alone, the parents forget their son when they go on vacation, but God never forgets us.  The story of Christmas is that God comes to be with us so we are never home alone.   Not only is God with us, but God provides people for us.  Mary had Joseph.  Elizabeth had Zechariah.  Mary and Joseph got assurance from the shepherds.  How will we make sure others aren’t home alone?

Dec. 23 – The Best Gift… For JESUS:

The best gift we can give is not something we buy and wrap and place under a tree but our love expressed in action.  What gift will you give to Jesus this season?

Dec. 24 Christmas Eve – Don’t Put Christmas Away:

When will your Christmas decorations come down?  When you put them away, don’t put the message of Christmas away with them.  The Christmas message is that God is with us and that God meets our need for salvation in the person of Jesus which means there is always hope.

Dec. 30 – By A Different Road:

There are 3 lessons we learn from the Magi for the New Year:

1. Bow down and worship Jesus – surrender yourself to Jesus as Savior and Lord

2. Open your treasures to Jesus – make all our treasures (money, time, gifts and abilities) available to God.

3. Go home by a different road – set new priorities.  (These new priorities will be spelled out in our January sermon series: Antidotes for an out of control life.)

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