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WHAT NOW? One of the big questions asked by the disciples after the resurrection.

  • Apr 30

    Starts: April 30, 2017 @ 8:00 am

After Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples were all left with one burning question… Now What?  What did the resurrection mean for their beliefs, world view and personal sense of mission and ministry?  For the next three weeks we will begin to answer those questions and learn from Thomas, Peter and the rest of the disciples what the resurrection means for us today.


What Now? FAITH - Read and Listen

This time we will look at how the disciple Thomas tells us what real FAITH is all about.

What Now? FISH – Read and Listen

We learn what is important to a strong faith from the morning the disciples went off to FISH.

What Now? FOLLOW – Read and Listen

No matter what else the resurrection may mean for our lives, there are always two things we can come back to.  We are forgiven and we need to forgive others.  After failing Jesus three times on the night he was arrested, Peter was assured of God’s forgiveness three times.  Peter was then called to FOLLOW Jesus.

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