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Making Room For Christ

Whether it is putting up the tree or setting up the family nativity scene, getting ready for Christmas always means making room.  We have to make room in the house for all the holiday decorations and we have to make room in our budget for all the holiday shopping.  Making room is essential for the celebration of Christmas and it is also essential for our celebration of Christ.  If we are going to make this season more than just decorated trees, wrapped gifts and sugared cookies, then we need to make some room in our hearts and lives for the presence of Jesus.


Beginning on Sunday, December 2, the first Sunday of Advent, make room in your life for the word of God.  Make room in your day to listen to God’s voice in prayer.  Make room in your week to hear God’s word spoken through the prophets and angels.  Make room in this season to reflect on the gift of Jesus by reading devotional books for yourself and books about the birth of Jesus with your children and grandchildren.  Make room in your hearts for the music of the season and join the angel’s singing, Gloria in Exelsis Deo!  Make Room.


We celebrate the birth of Jesus and the gift of God’s Son because Mary and Joseph made room in their lives for the presence and will of God.  The world first heard about the gift of this Son because a group of shepherds made room in their evening activities to follow the instructions of the angels which lead them to a Bethlehem stable.  Wisemen gave gifts to God’s Son because they made room in their plans to make a journey which followed a star.  Because each one of these people made room for Jesus, their lives changed.  If we want this season to change our lives, then we need to make room for Jesus.


What can you do differently in this season to make room for Jesus?  Can you make room to talk about the birth of Jesus by joining a Sunday School class?  Can you share the true meaning of the season by reaching out in love to someone in need?  Can you buy one less gift for someone who has it all and give a gift to missions that can change the world of a child, family and community?  What will you do differently in this season of the year to make room for Jesus?


As an encouragement and inspiration to others, why not share how you will make room for Jesus during this Advent Season.  You can email your thoughts to us at or post them on our Facebook page.  You can also write them down and place them in the offering on Sunday morning as part of your gift to God or drop them off in the church office during the week.


As we enter into this busy season we need to remember that there was one person who missed out on the gift of Jesus the night that he was born.  The innkeeper didn’t get to experience Christ because he didn’t make room.  Don’t miss the experience of Christmas – make room for Jesus today.



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