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Prayers for the Sierra Leone Ministry

As we move forward in developing a partnership with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Sierra Leone, we need heavenly guidance and earthly involvement from believers here in Happy Valley. Right now, on the eve of a major planning effort, our needs are two-fold. First is to develop a prayer team specifically focusing on the Sierra Leone initiation, whatever that might be. The second is to formulate a working team to plan and eventually carry out long-term initiatives in Sierra Leone.

The Sierra Leone prayer team could be a subset of the existing prayer team and/or other believers who might have a specific interest in this specific mission effort. We ask that you pray for the formation of such a prayer team, consider being a member yourself, and/or ask for God’s guidance as to your inviting others to join. Let me know of your interest and suggestions.

Second, we need God’s guidance as to what He wants us to do in Sierra Leone. Yes, Faith Church undertook the expense of shipping the truck for the well drilling program in Sierra Leone as well as a motorcycle for a local pastor, shoes and school supplies plus funds for supporting a pastor there. We want to do more besides simply sending money. The country needs so much as a result of the terrible civil war there. We need to reach out to the locals to let them know they are loved from across the sea. Please pray for God to reveal His will as we move forth. We don’t want to limit ourselves as through His blessings our “little” can become a whole lot more. Right now we are giving consideration to building a parsonage and helping with the development and construction of a university with the initial thrust at nursing and agriculture programs and maybe a pig farming operation to provide a source of income for the University and local people not to mention healthy food.  Also, some of us will feel called to travel to Sierra Leone to have fellowship with fellow Believers. We are not locked into any project, so please pray for not only God’s will to be made known but also for doors to open so we can move forth.  Ask Him to give us discernment as we proceed, ask Him to enable us to be effective, ask Him to help us step out of our “comfort zone” in this new and different mission. Ask Him to bless our efforts, which in this case, to bless means to give life.

In your prayer time, please give attention to the needs mentioned.

Dick and Darla Snyder

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