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While Serving Our Seniors on Saturday April 20, is an opportunity for us to reach out and help those seniors in our church and community who might need a little extra help this time of year, that is not the real power of this ministry.  The most powerful comment I heard last year came from a senior who said it was nice to hear some laughter around his house again.  That comment reveals the two most important aspects of this ministry.

#1. S.O.S. not only provides some physical help for those who need it, but our presence as the body of Christ brings joy, hope and love to those who often feel forgotten.  The physical work we accomplished was secondary to the more important work of sharing our lives and God’s love with others.  Our presence alone was healing and uplifting!

#2. The laughter from those who were working together that day revealed the deeper relationships we formed with one another as we served.  S.O.S. not only lifted up those in need, it lifted us up as well.  New friendships were formed, old friendships were reestablished and Faith Church grew stronger because of our serving together.  Our working together lifted us up!

For these two reasons alone, I hope you will consider being part of this year’s S.O.S.  It really isn’t about the work we do, it is about the people we serve and the people we serve with.  As we come together in ministry, the presence of Jesus is seen and God’s love is experienced.  Our goal is to have every hand, every heart and every life in Faith Church coming together for this event.

There are many ways you can help us even if you are not available on April 20th.  Work is needed before hand to help set up jobs and get supplies prepared.  Work is needed after the event to follow up on jobs that we weren’t able to complete or homes and lives where we see a little more of God’s presence and power is needed.  Work is needed in prayer and in baking and in letter writing and in card sending and in phone calling so if you don’t feel physically capable of getting out to work – there is still a job for you.

During the next few weeks, commitment cards are going to be available in worship for all of us to think about how we can add our hands and hearts to this ministry.  I hope you will consider how you can be part of this exciting day and ministry.

And don’t forget… you may be the senior that we need to serve!  If you have needs that we can help with, please contact the church office and we will see what we can do to bring some laughter to your home on April 20th.

Thank you all for being part of this ministry.  ~Andy

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