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  • First Responders…of Faith – Sermon from 5/26/2013

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    We have seen it again; in Moore, OK people literally ran through the storm to help rescue children from a collapsed school. Last month in Boston we saw spectators run toward an unsecured bomb site to help those injured. Here in Bellefonte we have seen dedicated men and women run into burning buildings and uncertain crime scenes to offer aid and assistance. We also remember countless men and women from our armed services who gave their lives running toward dangerous situations on the shores of France, in the jungles of Vietnam and across the barren mountains of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are free, safe and secure today because of these First Responders. We thank God for these first responders and consider what it will take for us to be a first responder… of faith.

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  • Reflections From the Woodshed – Dick Snyder | Sermon from 3/19/2013


    “Did Jesus preach on oak, maple or locust as being the better firewood?”

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  • Meaningful Worship – David Carter | Sermon from 5/12/2013

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    On Sunday morning, Christians around the world will Worship God. People of all languages, skin colors, and cultures will join together and lift God’s name. Is Worshiping one way or in one place better than Worship somewhere else? Is it possible to be more meaningful in our Worship? If so, how?

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  • First Words From the Empty Tomb – Power | Sermon from 5/5/2013

    Good Friday

    The final first word of Jesus is his final word to his followers and it is the promise that we do not live without His power. The power of God’s Holy Spirit was promised and then received and that power remains with God’s people today.

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