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  • Forgiveness – As Far as the East is from the West | Sermon from 8/25/2013


    Forgiveness. It’s as essential to life as water, food and air. Without it we will experience lonely loveless lives that are far from the abundance God wants us to experience. Over the next four weeks we will learn about the importance of accepting and offering forgiveness in all of our relationships. Explore the importance of accepting God’s forgiveness so we can offer forgiveness to others.

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  • Quieting the Noise to Hear God – Dan Christopher | Sermon from 8/18/2013

    beach graphic-web

    Is there any noise in your life? Perhaps it is physical noise. Perhaps it is too much to do; or too many interruptions; too many emails, texts, tweets; or too much of everything. Noise in communication can be defined as “ANYTHING that disrupts the transmission of the intended message between the sender and the receiver of the information. If we have too much noise in our lives, it can be very difficult to hear what God might be trying to say to us.We discuss the kinds of things that cause noise, how we can strip away some of the noise to be able to hear God, and then what God might want to say to us if we listen for Him.

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  • Are You Ready? Attitude-Vision-Action | Sermon from 8/11/2013

    Teen Boy in the Starting Blocks

    Jesus is clear on one thing – He will return, and when He does He wants to find us faithful. He wants to find us ready? Are you ready? Getting ready and being prepared requires the right attitude, the right vision and the right actions.

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  • Stand Strong Together | Sermon from 8/4/2013

    Sheep under a tree near Dorset, England.

    We continue to learn how to stand strong by looking at the importance of standing together. God did not create us to go through life alone and our faith was never meant to be an individual journey. We will be stronger in our faith when we learn how to truly encourage and support one another.

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