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  • Following Jesus – Service | Sermon from 2/23/2014

    Following Jesus-gradiant-sacrifice2-web

    Following Jesus means serving others and true service shouldn’t be a job to check off but a life of devotion. Learn what we can do to cultivate a servants heart.

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  • Following Jesus – Sacrifice | Sermon from 2/16/2014

    Following Jesus-gradiant-sacrifice2-web

    Following people on Twitter is easy, following Jesus is not. Following Jesus means more than reading His words and sharing them (re-tweeting) with others – it means sacrifice and service, but it also means salvation. Look at the sacrifices people made when they stepped out to follow Jesus and what sacrifices we might need to make as we follow Jesus today.

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  • Reflections on the Holy Land – Sermon from 2/9/2014

    Andy at Jeruselem-web

    I am thinking that no one really wants to hear a sermon this morning but that you might be more interested in some of my thoughts and reflections of the Holy Land, so my goal today is to share my journey with you and I hope I can engage all of our senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. So let’s start at the beginning…

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  • What Do You Believe? – Dan Christopher | Sermon from 2/2/2013


    Do you believe in sports, in aliens, in Bigfoot, in the economy or in wealth? Do you believe in politics, in astrology, or intuition, or maybe in yourself? Belief in these things will only get you so far. There is something that is true, that is good, and that is right that you can believe in.

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