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  • A Second Chance – Sermon from 4/27/2014

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    In golf they call it a mulligan, in life we call it a second chance. We all need them and the good news is that God gives them. After failing Jesus three times on the night he was arrested, Peter really needed a second chance and it was here, along the Sea of Galilee, that he got it. If you are in need of a second chance, learn what’s involved in finding a forgiveness that leads to a new beginning.

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  • Easter Morning – The Miracles of Jesus – The Resurrection | Sermon from 4/20/2014


    Celebrate the greatest Miracle of Jesus – The Resurrection. The tomb of Jesus was empty because He conquered sin and death and from the grave and this miracle of the resurrection gives us the power to overcome all things and live our lives to the fullest.

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  • Easter Sunrise – Promises Fulfilled | Sermon from 4/20/2014

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    The tomb was empty when the women arrived and that emptiness must have been unsettling and painful.  The silence must have increased their sense of loneliness because they couldn’t even visit Jesus grave.  Emptiness is usually a sign of broken promises and shattered dreams but Jesus redefined emptiness because what the angel said in that [...]

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  • Miracles of Jesus – Cursing of the Fig Tree | Sermon from 4/13/2014

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    Celebrate Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. After the crowds cheered Jesus as their leader and king, Jesus cursed a fig tree and started a riot in the Temple as a way of challenging the status quo and calling people to live out their faith with greater commitment and integrity. That call still stands today and we still need to be challenged to make our faith come alive.

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  • The Miracles of Jesus – Healing the 10 Lepers | Sermon from 4/6/2014

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    This week the miracle doesn’t happen instantly, instead, 10 lepers were healed as they followed Jesus’ commandment. God’s power came as they responded to Jesus word. Power comes to us as we step out in faith and trust in Jesus. Power also comes when we return to Jesus with a grateful heart to say thank you. Respond to God’s goodness this week and say thanks and give God praise.

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