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  • Remember – Sermon from 5/25/2014


    We remember those things that are important. This Memorial Day Weekend gives us time to remember the important contribution of the men and women who have given their lives to the cause of freedom and liberty both here and around the world. In our faith, we also remember what is important. God told the people of Israel to remember His promise and power and those stories were shared from generation to generation. We remember the important life lessons and teachings of Jesus and what we remember of Him is what we find most valuable and influential in our lives. The Holy Spirit was also given to help us remember all in our faith that is important. Join us in worship this holiday weekend as we remember ALL that is important.

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  • Fear Not – Dan Christopher | Sermon from 5/18/2014


    There are lots of things in this world that we could fear. There are still more things that we do fear. Yet the scriptures tell us many times in verses from Genesis all the way through Revelation that we should “Fear Not”! Hear why we fear, what fear can do to us, and why we should NOT fear when God is on our side.

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  • God’s Plan – Trust and Obey – Scotty Showers | Sermon from 5/11/2014


    Being a mother is a difficult job!! The most important Mother for our faith has to be Mary, Mother of Jesus. Mary had to overcome many difficult and undesirable situations in her entire life, as well as make difficult and life changing decisions for her family. Hear how Mary trusted in God and obeyed his plan for her life.

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  • Seeing Jesus ~ Being Jesus | Sermon from 5/4/2014


    Have you ever seen Jesus? I’m not talking about the way the little boy, Colton, did in the movie Heaven Is For Real where he says he saw Jesus in heaven, I’m talking about seeing Jesus in the world around us. Have you ever seen Jesus in the stunning power and beauty of creation? In times of worship or prayer? In the lives of those we love and serve? Some disciples on the road to Emmaus didn’t see Jesus at first, but once Jesus broke and gave them bread to eat, their eyes were opened and they saw them and then they shared this experience with others. They went from seeing Jesus to being Jesus and sharing God’s truth and love with others.

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