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  • Principles for Everyday Leaders – Courage | Sermon from 6/29/2014

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    Courage is not moving forward without fear, it is moving forward in spite of our fear and an everyday leader who shows us what courage is all about is Mary. What began with an inner battle and decision of whether or not she would allow God to use her to bring His son, our Messiah, into this world ended with her life being one of the most powerful examples of humility, strength and faithfulness the world has ever seen. Find out how to move forward in life in the face of our fear and how our courage can help us influence and lead others.

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  • Principles for Everyday Leaders – Passion | Sermon from 6/22/2014

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    We are all leaders. At home, at work, among our friends and in the church or community, we are all leaders in some capacity and this summer we are going to explore how to be more effective leaders by looking at some of the everyday leaders of the Bible. This week we will look at the life of Cornelius who was passionate for God. His passion led to some remarkable changes in his life, the life of others and the Christian faith. This everyday leader teaches us what passion is, how it can shape us and what we need to do to reignite it in our own hearts and lives.

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  • Experiencing the Trinity – Sermon from 6/15/2014

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    The Trinity. One God in the three persons. Three persons but One God. For centuries people have tried to explain how this can be, but honestly, every explanation comes up short. Maybe we need to stop trying to explain the trinity and realize that it is just a concept to help us experience the fullness of God.

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  • Day by Day – Sermon from 6/8/2014

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    Whether it is improving in a sport, learning a new language, planting a garden or developing in our faith, we don’t see dramatic changes overnight. Growth comes day by day. We grow day by day and the church grows day by day and it has always been that way. The first church experienced some dramatic increases when the Holy Spirit came upon them on the day of Pentecost, but after that day it says day by day the Lord added to their number…” Day by day we can grow in our faith but only if we will be intentional and use all the resources God has given us. Join us as we explore the tools and resources given to us for daily growth.

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  • The Ascension – Sermon from 6/1/2014

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    The story of Jesus ascension into heaven is often overlooked by the stories of his birth, death and resurrection, but it holds some important promises for us to remember. Before Jesus disappeared into the clouds he promised his followers a might power, a new purpose and a future personal return. Today can still trust Jesus to give us power, purpose and his presence with us now and forever. Join us as we remember the Ascension of Jesus and claim these promises for our lives.

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