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  • Come to Life – Jacey Johnson | Sermon from 7/26/2015

    come to life avenir

    We encounter a powerful transformations as old things become new and dead things come to life! Explore how the Spirit of God has the power to transform our circumstances and ways in which we can trust His power.
    Based on the passage Ezekiel 37:1-14

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  • God Has the Power to… Sermon from 7/19/2015


    All week our children have been gathered at the base camp of Mt. Everest learning that God has the power to PROVIDE, COMFORT, HEAL, FORGIVE, and LOVE US FOREVER. God’s mighty power can conquer many of the challenges we face in life and Jesus helped people experience this very power. Celebrate a powerful week of Vacation Bible School and hear about God’s mighty power available for our lives.

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  • The Life of Moses – Overcoming Our World | Sermon from 7/12/2015

    Overcoming sand series graphic-web

    Take a journey to the top of Mt. Sinai. When Moses received God’s word in the 10 Commandments, God was showing His people the secret to overcoming the world. Hear how God’s word helps us overcome the world.

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  • The Life of Moses – Overcoming Our Failures | Sermon from 7/5/2015

    Overcoming sand series graphic-web

    Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are three of our Founding Fathers known for their great success in business, science and politics, but one other thing they have in common is failure. Franklin started a magazine that failed and also proposed a new alphabet that would remove the letters C, J, Q, W, X, Y. Jefferson was known by his neighbors as the worst farmer in Virginia because so many of his crops failed, and George Washington lost one of his first battles and was removed from command and demoted. Like so many of us, these men all failed and yet they didn’t let their failure define them. Overcoming our failures is important if we are going to find success in life and Moses shows us that overcoming our failures is also essential for our faith. Experience the power of God’s forgiveness and the grace of a second chance.

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