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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Joseph | Sermon from 9/25/2016

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    The Story of Joseph
    The Story of Joseph has been made into movies and musicals but beyond the coats and dreams which often become our focus we see that the story of Joseph is an epic story of forgiveness. What moves a man to forgive his brothers for selling him into slavery and wanting to kill him? How does that kind of faith develop and how can it develop in us? Join us as we consider how this epic story of forgiveness can be part of our own lives.

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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Creation | Sermon from 9/18/2016


    We all love a good story and the Bible is full of them, some we might even call epic. Epic stories are those powerful stories that not only capture our hearts, minds and imaginations but also tell the story of God. This fall we will look at five epic Old Testament stories that reflect the story of God. Each story also shows us that God’s story is written in our lives and we need to find ways to tell it to the world. Join us as we experience how it all started in God’s epic story of love revealed through the Story of Creation.

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  • Lessons to Remember – Sermon from 9/11/2016


    15 years ago, our nation was attacked at the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and over the skies of Pennsylvania. Most of us can remember where we were when we heard about these events and the videos and images from that day bring back many thoughts and feelings. As our pain heals and memorials are visited at all three locations, we also can’t forget the lessons learned from that day and the days that followed. Join us as we look back at the lessons learned from September 11 and how we can keep those lessons shaping our faith, our lives and the life of our families and community.

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  • Work – Labor Day Sunday | Sermon from 9/4/2016

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    Labor Day is an interesting holiday. We don’t sing Labor Day songs. We don’t send Labor Day cards. We don’t order Labor Day cakes and when was the last time someone wished you a Happy Labor Day (or is that a Merry Labor Day)? While it is a day for us to honor work, we do that by giving many people the day off. It all seems kind of strange… as does our understanding of work in general. Look at what God has to say about work and how we can transform our attitude about work even if we can’t transform the places where we do work.

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