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  • The Jesus Creed – Starting Over | Sermon from 9/24/2017

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    The Jesus Creed calls us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. While this call to love can inspire us to do many good things, it also points out our own failure. If the mark is complete love for God and others – we miss the mark every day! But there is hope because God’s love gives us a new beginning. If loving God and others seems impossible, listen as we hear about Starting Over.

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  • What is the Jesus Creed – Sermon from 9/17/2017

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    In all of us there are religious, moral and personal principles that guide our thoughts and direct our decisions. These creeds reveal what is ultimately important to us and help us prioritize our time and energy. What creed do you live by? What creed do you want to live by? We begin a series which looks at the creed Jesus used to guide his life. This creed came from what Jesus learned from God’s word and what he saw lived out at home as a child. This creed sums up all of God’s teaching and can give direction to every part of our life. This creed can fundamentally change us and our world if we will make it our own.

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  • When God Speaks, People Move – Sermon from 9/10/2017

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    When God speaks – people move! Abraham moved into a new home. Moses moved into a new nation. David moved into the Palace. Peter moved into a new career. A woman moved into a new life. When God speaks – people move. Join us as we open our hearts and minds to hear God’s voice speak and prepare our feet to move into the new life God has for each of us. What will God say to you? Where will you move?

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  • God’s Still Creating – David Carter | Sermon from 9/3/2017


    The beginning of any movie sets the scene for everything that follows. If you’ve ever walked into a movie late, you know that catching up on what you missed in the first few moments is crucial. The beginning of our story is just as important. Our story begins with “In the beginning, God…” God created everything, everywhere. And God is still working in our world today, in each one of our lives. In this message we dive into how the beginning of our story can help us understand how God is still creating in our lives today.

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