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  • Giving Thanks | Sermon on 11/26/2017

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    While this week we focused on giving thanks for all the blessings of life, our practice of thanks-giving needs to become a lifestyle. As followers of Jesus, gratitude needs to be one of the hallmarks of our lives and it can be with three simple steps: Remember – Repeat – Return. A life time of giving thanks starts with remembering who God is and what God has done. We need to remember the promises God has made and acknowledge God’s work in our lives. Then we need to repeat this process and remember these things all over again. Then we need to return to God with our hands and our hearts, our lives and our love. Don’t let this past week be the last time you give thanks, until next November, make this the beginning of a new life of thanks-giving. On this Thanksgiving weekend, we continue to Give Thanks!

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  • The Good Life – Relationships and Trusting God | Sermon from 11/19/2017

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    Does success lead to the good life? If we define success as fame and fortune, profits and popularity, then people like Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe would tell us “no”. Daily we hear in the news about some of the most successful people in their fields being disgraced because their success didn’t bring them true life. When Jesus was offered great success in this world, he turned it down for a path that would truly lead him to the good life. Read and listen, as we learn how trusting God and our relationships with one another are the keys to the good life.

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  • The Good Life – Simplicity and Giving | Sermon from 11/12/2017

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    Money is the root of all evil is one of the most misquoted verses in the Bible. What the Bible actually says is this, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. (1 Timothy 9:10) Money itself is not bad or evil, in fact, it is a necessity for life, but contrary to what the world says around us, our pursuit of more money does not lead us to a good life. What does lead to a good life is how we manage the money we have. Follow us as we look at our finances to discover two more keys to a good life – simplicity and giving.

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  • The Good Life – Gratitude and Purpose | Sermon from 11/5/2017

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    The Good Life — What makes for a good life? What we often hear is that the good life comes with more possessions at home, more money in the bank and more success at work, but do these things really make for a good life? Can these things bring lasting happiness, fulfillment and joy? Follow us this month as we re-frame the picture and learn about the six things that are essential for a Good Life.

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