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  • Starting Over – Release It | Sermon from 1/28/2018

    940x250 Starting Over

    Release It. If we are going to start over and not carry the burdens and hurts of our past into the future, then we need to learn how to forgive and pardon others. Forgiveness is a choice and not an emotion. Please make the choice to join us by reading or listening, as we learn more about the role of forgiveness in starting over.

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  • Starting Over – Rethink it | Sermon from 1/21/2018

    940x250 Starting Over

    When we look at our past mistakes and problems, we often shake our heads and ask, “What was I thinking?” It is an important question to ask, because the second step in staring over well is to Rethink It. If we think the way we used to think, then we will do the things we used to do To do things differently and better we need to think differently about ourselves, our world and those around us. Join us by reading or listening, as learn what can help us rethink it when we need to start over.

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  • Starting Over – Own It | Sermon from 1/14/2018

    940x250 Starting Over

    Starting over so that this time is different and better than last time means taking three steps:
    1. Own it.
    2. Rethink It.
    3. Release It.
    This week we learn the importance of owning up to our mistakes, so that we don’t allow our mistakes to own us. Join us by reading or listening, as we reflect on why we often blame others and how owning our piece of the problem can bring us peace.

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  • Starting Over | Sermon from 1/7/2018

    940x250 Starting Over

    We’ve all had the experience of putting something together only to have to take it apart and start over.
    In Career, Relationships, and Dreams how do we break the cycle of mistakes and failed attempts Read or Listen as we learn the secret of starting over.

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