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  • LIFE HACKS – Temptation | Sermon from 6/30/2019

    This summer, we are studying the book of James, and James gives us several principles by which we need to live our lives, and with these principles James provides some practical advice. We are calling this advice, life hacks, because a life hack is a new of doing something that is better than the old [...]

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  • God moments on the first day of summer . . .

    A Prayer for the First Day of Summer God of creation, we give you thanks for the gift of the light and warmth of the sun. As we celebrate light and warmth on this Summer Solstice, may we recommit ourselves to being the light and warmth of your love to everyone we meet. May we [...]

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  • LIFE HACKS – Speech | Sermon from 6/23/2019

    This summer we are reading through the book of James and looking at some life principles that if we are willing to put into practice, God says our lives and relationships will be better, and our faith stronger. We are calling these practices life hacks because a life hack is a new or novel way [...]

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  • LIFE HACKS – No Favoritism | Sermon from 6/16/2019

    We are in a series called life hacks and we want to remind you that a life hack is actually a good thing.  A life hack is a new way and at times a novel way of doing something that is better than the old way.  A life hack can make a chore easier and [...]

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  • LIFE HACKS – Doers | Sermon from 6/9/2019

    Last week, we started a new sermon series called Life Hacks and if you weren’t with us we want to make sure that you understand what a life hack is, it is not a way to hack into your bank accounts, email, or social media. A life hack isn’t a bad thing, but a good [...]

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