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  • UNDERDOGS – My Chances Are Slim | Sermon from 7/28/2019

                                                              Visit Center County PAWS for information about adopting underdogs. We are in a series called underdogs and in different ways we are all underdogs and we [...]

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  • UNDERDOGS – I’m Not Qualified | Sermon from 7/21/2019

    Visit Center County PAWS for information about adopting underdogs. Unless you are a very fortunate person, every one of us has experienced what it is like to be an underdog. We were been chosen last for the team in gym, picked last for the class project, overlooked for the “select” chorus, rejected for the school [...]

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  • LIFE HACKS – Prayer | Sermon from 7/14/2019

    Today we are finishing up our study of the book of James by looking at a life principle that ultimately gives fuel to our faith and provides the power to follow all the practices – or life hacks – that James has given us. What helps us in times of trials, gives us the energy [...]

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  • LIFE HACKS – Wisdom | Sermon from 7/7/2019

    The book of James is filled with principles that can make our lives and relationships better – if we will follow them. The practices that help us follow these life principles we are calling life hacks, because a life hack is a new or novel way of doing something that is better than the old [...]

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