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Faith Church partners with Sowing Seeds In Belize in 2019

ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS! Help us fill the container!

Sowing Seeds in Belize is a local mission group that invests in the people of Belize. Their mission is to join with village families in southern Belize in a Fair Trade business partnership based on Biblical principles to

  • train and empower people,
  • build financial stability,
  • provide educational opportunities, and
  • provide improved living conditions.

Get the UPDATED list for the container project by clicking here.

Why are we are asking that all donations be packaged in banana boxes?

We can easily fit 54 banana boxes on one skid. Plus, when they are well-labeled and packed on the container, it eases and speeds the work of customs officials in Belize, saving our ministry lots of money…it also prevents a disorganized “game of Tetris” trying to figure out how to get all the boxes to fit into the container (if you’ve ever moved, you know what this is like). AND, it allows us to maximize the space inside the container, getting the most items and help to our neighbors in Belize.

See below for updates on banana box supplies.

2019 Container Project: Donations accepted through SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29

Faith Church partnered with SSIB last summer by helping to fill a shipping container that was stationed in our parking lot. The clothes, shoes, gardening and sewing equipment and so much more that we collected is now in villages in Belize, helping our neighbors there learn and grow.

Another shipping container is in the back parking lot at Faith Church to support SSIB. Check out the list and the drop-off dates and times below!

Container Donation drop off dates: Every Sunday and Wednesday*

 Here’s what you need to know!

When can I drop off my donations?

The container will be open and staffed to receive donations every Sunday throughout the summer from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM and again between 12 – 1 PM. 

The last day to bring in donations is Sunday, September 29.

*Donations may also be delivered on Wednesday evenings by appointment only; contact Larry Lingle, or 814-441-9494  or LaDonna Weiler, to schedule your Wednesday evening appointment.

Should I put my items in a box?

Yes! Please put your items in a banana box–you can get these at your grocery store, and a limited number of empty banana boxes may be available at the container if you need to pick up a box to fill.

We do have a limited supply of banana boxes at the church entrance by the offices. We will keep providing them as we get them, but we can’t guarantee how many we’ll have. Please check with the produce department wherever you get groceries to get your banana boxes. If you have extra, please bring them in!

Where should I bring my items?

Bring your items to the shipping container in the back corner of the back parking lot (near the sheds).

How about other times? Can I just bring my items to the church office?

We’d really, really prefer that you bring your donations on Sundays or make a Wednesday appointment. Our lobbies see a lot of foot-traffic and we don’t have a ton of room to hold donations during the week.

What else should I do when I bring my donation?

Please remember that to pay to ship the container to Belize, we are asking for a donation of $10 per box of donated items. It costs upwards of $15,000 to get the filled container to the people who need it, so we need your $10 per box to help defray that cost. If you can give more than $10, great, and thank you! Every dollar gets us closer to getting these goods into the hands of our neighbors in Belize.

CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED LIST: 2019 Container Project Items Needed

These items have been specifically requested by SSIB or are in need to complete current SSIB projects. When you bring in your donations on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings by appointment, please identify the contents inside with labels in THREE places: on the top AND on one short side AND on one long side.

Also, if you can, please package like items in one box (i.e., clothes in one box, books in a different box) – this will alleviate the need to open and organize all the boxes as they are being distributed. (And remember to bring your $10 per box to help with shipping costs.)


Learn more about SSIB

Want to learn more about this summer’s container project and Faith Church’s support of SSIB? Contact Larry Lingle at 814.441.9494 or or LaDonna Weiler at or 814.386.3361.

SSIB has a great website with lots of stories, pictures, videos and more–to learn about this fantastic mission, click here.

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