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  • DIVINE DIRECTION – Faith To Start | Sermon from 9/30/2018

    We started this series on discovering God’s divine direction for our lives by first asking the right questions, Who before Do, and Why before What.  Who we are, and what motivates us in life, is where we start when we want to discover God’s divine direction.  It is more important to become the right person [...]

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  • DIVINE DIRECTION – Trust The Process | Sermon from 9/23/2018

      Most of us want to make good decisions in life. Most of us want our lives to reflect the life and plans God has for us. Most of us also struggle to figure out that Divine Direction. Making decisions that we feel are truly in line with God’s will is not easy, in fact, [...]

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  • DIVINE DIRECTION – Wisdom To Discern | Sermon from 9/16/2018

    Last week we began a sermon series exploring how God provides us with Divine Direction.  It is important for us to make the best decisions we can because the decisions we make today shape the people we will become tomorrow.  Decision making is hard.  We might think it would get easier as we get older [...]

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  • DIVINE DIRECTION – Power To Become | Sermon from 9/9/2018

    Divine Direction – – – I am trusting that none of you made a life decision about marriage the way this guy was trying to. If you did, we need to talk. But how many of you have made a decision using one of those methods. Maybe you flipped a coin about which of two [...]

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