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  • Easter Sunrise Message – David Carter | 4/1/2018

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    When the first automobile was being invented, there were probably people who didn’t believe it was possible. The same is true for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When they found the empty tomb, the women, Peter, and the other disciples all had different reactions. Fnd out what fueled their reaction and how we can be expect God work in our lives.

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  • Maundy Thursday Message – Terry Daugherty | 3/29/2018


    Maundy Thursday worship explores God’s work of salvation in the Old Testament as celebrated in the Feast of Passover and God’s work of salvation in the New Testament as celebrated in Holy Communion. In what ways might these two works of God’s salvation and their celebrations be related?

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  • Easter Morning – The Miracles of Jesus – The Resurrection | Sermon from 4/20/2014


    Celebrate the greatest Miracle of Jesus – The Resurrection. The tomb of Jesus was empty because He conquered sin and death and from the grave and this miracle of the resurrection gives us the power to overcome all things and live our lives to the fullest.

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  • Easter Sunrise – Promises Fulfilled | Sermon from 4/20/2014

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    The tomb was empty when the women arrived and that emptiness must have been unsettling and painful.  The silence must have increased their sense of loneliness because they couldn’t even visit Jesus grave.  Emptiness is usually a sign of broken promises and shattered dreams but Jesus redefined emptiness because what the angel said in that [...]

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