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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Us | Sermon from 10/23/2016

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    We were created in the image of God – who was a story-teller – so we are to tell stories and we are to tell God’s story. Does your life tell the story of God? Does your life share God’s love, grace and power? Does your life tell the story of family and faith? As we close our series on Epic Stories, join us as we listen for and discover all the ways we can tell the story of God using the fullness of our lives.

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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Jonah | Sermon from 10/16/2016


    Have you ever been given a second chance? Did you take it? What about a third or fourth chance? Are you being given one today? While we know the story of Jonah is about a man who finds himself inside the belly of a Big Fish, it is also an epic story of second chances. God gives us second chances and when he does we need to make the most of them. We are all given a second chance and another chance to live for God.

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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Noah | Sermon from 10/9/2016


    The Story of Noah. Build an ark. Gather the animals. Face the rain and your neighbors. Sail in the storm. Be cooped up on the ark for 40 days and nights. Settle in an empty land. Noah is an epic story of overcoming obstacles. Each one of us faces obstacles today that seem insurmountable, but we can overcome them with faith in the power and the word of God and when we overcome them, our lives become an epic story as well.

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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Ruth | Sermon from 10/2/2016


    The Bible is full of epic love stories and the story of Ruth is one of them. Through Ruth’s love and commitment comes a family and through that family came King David and in time – Jesus. Family isn’t all the work of biology, sometimes it is the work of God’s grace and mercy. We will explore how each one of us can be part of an epic family by living and telling the story of God’s grace.

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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Joseph | Sermon from 9/25/2016

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    The Story of Joseph
    The Story of Joseph has been made into movies and musicals but beyond the coats and dreams which often become our focus we see that the story of Joseph is an epic story of forgiveness. What moves a man to forgive his brothers for selling him into slavery and wanting to kill him? How does that kind of faith develop and how can it develop in us? Join us as we consider how this epic story of forgiveness can be part of our own lives.

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  • Epic Stories – The Story of Creation | Sermon from 9/18/2016


    We all love a good story and the Bible is full of them, some we might even call epic. Epic stories are those powerful stories that not only capture our hearts, minds and imaginations but also tell the story of God. This fall we will look at five epic Old Testament stories that reflect the story of God. Each story also shows us that God’s story is written in our lives and we need to find ways to tell it to the world. Join us as we experience how it all started in God’s epic story of love revealed through the Story of Creation.

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