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  • GAME CHANGERS – Using Our Pain | Sermon from 1/27/2019

    This month we have been looking at some game changing ideas that can significantly improve our lives and strengthen our faith.  The first week we learned that Jesus is greater than our problems AND Jesus is with us, which means that no matter what situation we are in, we can have hope that things can [...]

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  • GAME CHANGERS – Power of Habits | Sermon from 1/20/2019

    We have been in a series looking at how to make our lives better which means making some changes, because nothing improves if nothing changes.  And sometimes nothing changes unless we make it change by introducing a game changer.  A game changer is a newly introduced element that changes an existing situation in a significant [...]

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  • GAME CHANGERS – Living Faith | Sermon from 1/13/2019

    Last week we started a new series called game changers, because if we are going to make this year better than last year, and better than every year we have lived so far, we need to make some changes.  Nothing gets better if nothing changes, and sometimes to make the needed changes in our lives [...]

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  • GAME CHANGERS – Overcoming Fear | Sermon from 1/6/2019

    If we want to make 2019 our best year yet, we need to introduce some game changers into our life.  A game changer is a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.  A game changer helps us see life differently, embrace new ideas, and take new [...]

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  • Audience Of One | Sermon from 12/30/2018

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    While I am not a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I am impressed with the quarterback who led them to a super bowl championship last year, Carson Wentz. Carson is a strong Christian and he was instrumental in leading many of his players to Christ.  Last year there were several stories of players being baptized in hotel [...]

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