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Life is ____

  • Life Is To Enjoy God – Sermon from 10/25/2015

    life is to enjoy God week 6-web

    The doorbell rings and when you answer it, there stands Jesus. What is your first thought? If you said something like fear or apprehension, then you aren’t experiencing the life God wants for you. Life is to enjoy God, not to be afraid of Him, and we enjoy God when we understand that God enjoys us. Learn just how much God enjoys us and how that enjoyment frees us and helps us enjoy God and experience LIFE.

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  • Life Is…To Be At Peace With Yourself – Sermon from 10/18/2015

    life is to be at peace with yourself-web

    Jesus said, I am the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, the first and last. Learn how Jesus being first helps us be at peace with ourselves.

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  • Life Is…To Be At Peace With God – Sermon from 10/11/2015

    Life is to be at peace with God week 4-web

    During the past several weeks we have seen that “peace” is illusive in our world. Syria reminds us that peace is needed among nations. Oregon reminds us that peace is needed in our communities. Looking at our own lives tells us that peace is needed in our families and in our hearts. Life is to be at peace and this week our series helps us learn how to be at peace at with God. Peace with God is found in only one place and it hinges on only one thing. Learn to focus on this one thing and find peace with God.

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  • Life Is…to Trust God – Sermon from 10/4/2015

    life is week 3 trust God-web

    It’s easy to get caught up in comparing our lives with others and determining what we deserve or what we have earned, but this way of thinking doesn’t bring us life, it brings frustration, disappointment and pain. Jesus shows us that a better way to live is to trust God in every moment and every situation.

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  • Life Is…To Love Others – Sermon from 9/27/2015

    life is week 2a-web

    Life is to be loved and to know that we are loved by God, but the love doesn’t stop there. Once we accept God’s love for us, we are then able to love others, but loving others doesn’t happen because we work at it, loving others happens as we love God. To be more loving of the people in our lives and the neighbors in our world we need to focus not on them and not on us, but on the one who calls us to love – Jesus Christ. Continue to explore what Life Is.

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  • Life Is…To Be Loved – Sermon from 9/20/2015

    life is week 1-web

    Life is _________. How we finish this statement makes all the difference. For many people life seems to just be a game of chance. We land where the spinner sends us. Is there more than chance? Is there more than getting lucky and hitting the right number? Do we have any say in this “game”? During the next six weeks as we explore what life is and how to get the most out of it.

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