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  • LIFE HACKS – Doers | Sermon from 6/9/2019

    Last week, we started a new sermon series called Life Hacks and if you weren’t with us we want to make sure that you understand what a life hack is, it is not a way to hack into your bank accounts, email, or social media. A life hack isn’t a bad thing, but a good [...]

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  • LIFE HACKS – Pressure | Sermon from 6/2/2019

    Today we are starting a new sermon series called Life Hacks, and it is important that we all understand what a life hack is. A life hack is a trick, shortcut, or skill that increases productivity or efficiency in any area of life. A life hack is a new way of doing something that is [...]

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  • WHAT WOULD JESUS UNDO? Worry | Sermon from 5/26/2019

    Today we are going to finish up our series What Would Jesus UNdo.  While Jesus came to show us how to live, and set for us an example of what we are to do, like loving people, serving others, and worshiping God, Jesus also came to undo powers, patterns and behaviors that can take over [...]

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  • WWJU? Spiritual Pride – David Carter | Sermon from 5/19/2019

    We’re in week 4 of our series called What Would Jesus Undo and we’ve been talking about pretty significant things that we may be seeing in our lives under the surface that Jesus wants to undo…  My guess is that for some weeks, the content has really hit home for you… I want to encourage [...]

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  • WHAT WOULD JESUS UNDO? Hypocrisy – David Carter | Sermon from 5/12/2019

    We’re in week 3 of our series called What Would Jesus Undo. And it’s kind of a play on words from the popular bracelet from the 90s that say WWJD, which stands for What Would Jesus Do. But instead of asking what Jesus would do in any given situation in our lives, we’re asking ourselves, [...]

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  • WHAT WOULD JESUS UNDO? Hollow Worship – David Carter | Sermon from 5/5/2019

    Well, we’re in week 2 of our series called, “What Would Jesus Undo”… if you remember, back in the ‘90s there was a popular slogan that said, “what would jesus do” and by asking that question, people would try to discern what Jesus would do in the situations they found themselves in… and in this [...]

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  • What Would Jesus UNdo? – Spiritual Indifference | Sermon from 4/28/2019

    Let’s see a show of hands, how many of you had a WWJD bracelet back in the 1990’s?  How many of you still have that bracelet?  How many of you have no idea what I’m talking about?  For those who are in the dark here, back in the 1990’s there was a craze that swept [...]

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  • THE FORGIVENESS OF JESUS – The Empty Tomb | Sermon from 4/21/2019

    This past week we have all seen devastating pictures from the fire at Notre Dame. The stories that have come out of Paris are filled with passion and drama as people prayed and sang on the streets outside the cathedral, and as priests and rescue workers raced to save art work and artifacts like the [...]

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  • What Would Jesus UNdo?

    In the resurrection, Jesus undid death. He undid the power of sin. He set a new course for all our lives. In the weeks following Easter, we want to explore a few more things that Jesus would like to undo in our lives.  Join us as we go beyond the simple slogans of what it means to [...]

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  • THE FORGIVENESS OF JESUS – A Forgiveness That Sets Us Free | Sermon from 4/14/2019

    During this season of lent, we have been talking about the forgiveness of Jesus, and all the different ways that forgiveness transforms our lives.  Forgiveness brings hope to relationships, it can bring real healing to our lives, it opens our eyes, and the eyes of our hearts, and it gives us all a second chance.  [...]

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