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  • A Forgiveness That Opens Our Eyes | Sermon from 3/24/2019

    During this season of Lent, these weeks leading up to Easter, we are looking at the forgiveness of Jesus and what it meant for people in Jesus’ day, and what it means for us today. In Jesus’ day, sin and sickness often went hand in hand, so stories of Jesus healing people would often have [...]

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  • THE FORGIVENESS OF JESUS – A Forgiveness That Heals | Sermon from 3/17/2019

    Scientific studies over the past several decades have proved what the Bible has tried to tell us for thousands of years, forgiveness and healing go hand in hand. Research papers from John’s Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic have said that forgiveness can lead to these physical health benefits: lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, improved [...]

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  • THE FORGIVENESS OF JESUS – A Forgiving Father | Sermon from 3/10/2019

    The season of Lent is the 6 week period leading up to Easter, and in the life of the church, this has been a time for followers of Jesus to focus on a more disciplined life.  People often talk about giving things up, or starting new habits and practices, but this year we want to [...]

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  • What Was I Thinking? – God IS Active | Sermon from 03.03.2019

    Author and theologian A.W. Tozer said, What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. What we think about God, and how we think about God is important. it shapes us and it shapes all of our relationships. What we think about God shapes our relationship with God, [...]

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  • WHAT WAS I THINKING? God IS Holy – David Carter | Sermon from 2/24/2019

    Well, I have to tell you that I got an email earlier this week, and it turns out I’m gonna be retiring early… in just a few weeks… because I found out from a Nigerian prince that I won the lottery… Have you ever been tricked before? Have you been the victim of a hoax? [...]

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  • What was I Thinking? – God IS Loving | Sermon 2.17.2019

    What we think about God is important because our thoughts shape our behavior. How we picture God not only shapes how we respond to God, but it also shapes how we interact with others. For example, if we think of God as harsh, we will resist God. Why come close to a God who only [...]

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  • WHAT WAS I THINKING? – God IS Present | Sermon from 2/10/2019

    In the fall of 1986, a friend dropped me off in Studio City, CA, at the home of my mom’s cousins.  I had just graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Telecommunications, TV production, and I wanted to get a job in the TV industry, so Hollywood, or Studio City, was the place [...]

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  • What was I thinking? – God IS Powerful | Sermon from 2/3/2019

    Last week I poured over pictures from my childhood looking for the picture of our dog, Ginger, and me on my bed – and in case you weren’t here, well, here it is again. Just too cute. But as I was going through old pictures there were several that I looked at and thought to [...]

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  • GAME CHANGERS – Using Our Pain | Sermon from 1/27/2019

    This month we have been looking at some game changing ideas that can significantly improve our lives and strengthen our faith.  The first week we learned that Jesus is greater than our problems AND Jesus is with us, which means that no matter what situation we are in, we can have hope that things can [...]

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  • GAME CHANGERS – Power of Habits | Sermon from 1/20/2019

    We have been in a series looking at how to make our lives better which means making some changes, because nothing improves if nothing changes.  And sometimes nothing changes unless we make it change by introducing a game changer.  A game changer is a newly introduced element that changes an existing situation in a significant [...]

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