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  • God moments on the first day of summer . . .

    A Prayer for the First Day of Summer God of creation, we give you thanks for the gift of the light and warmth of the sun. As we celebrate light and warmth on this Summer Solstice, may we recommit ourselves to being the light and warmth of your love to everyone we meet. May we [...]

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  • THE FORGIVENESS OF JESUS – The Empty Tomb | Sermon from 4/21/2019

    This past week we have all seen devastating pictures from the fire at Notre Dame. The stories that have come out of Paris are filled with passion and drama as people prayed and sang on the streets outside the cathedral, and as priests and rescue workers raced to save art work and artifacts like the [...]

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  • What Would Jesus UNdo?

    In the resurrection, Jesus undid death. He undid the power of sin. He set a new course for all our lives. In the weeks following Easter, we want to explore a few more things that Jesus would like to undo in our lives.  Join us as we go beyond the simple slogans of what it means to [...]

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  • Christmas Eve – The Light Of God | Message from 12/24/2018

    I love nativity scenes.  I have a lot of them, and I enjoy taking out a few each year, and setting them up.  One of the things I enjoy the most about Nativity scenes are the animals.  I have a Native American scene that includes a wolf, but I don’t think there was a wolf [...]

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  • Spirit ~ Courage ~ Sacrifice | Sermon from 5/27/2018

    memorial day 2018-web

    Memorial Day is so much more than picnics and parades. It’s about honoring a spirit of courage that has called men and women for generations to embrace a life of sacrifice.
    Two thousand years ago another Spirit came upon a group of men and women, one which filled them with a courage to live life differently and embrace a life of sacrificial love that continues to shape our world. See how the Holy Spirit continues to fill us with a courage to live a life of sacrifice and love.

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  • Love God Not The Selfie | Sermon from 2/11/2018

    Love God Not the Selfie-web

    Love God not the selfie.
    In the time it took you to read that title, 1,000 selfies were posted to Instagram. We live in a world where more time and energy is spent looking at ourselves than at God or others. When we care more about ourselves, we call it pride and it is pride that leads to destruction of heart and life and relationships. Join us by reading or listening as we learn how to love God and not the selfie.

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  • What Gift Will You Give? | Sermon from 12/31/2017

    what gift will you give 2-smaller-web

    The wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh – not exactly gifts fit for a child, but certainly gifts fit for a King. What gift will you give to Jesus? Join us by reading or listening, as we explore what the gifts of the wise men teach us about gifts we need to give to Jesus in the coming New Year.

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  • When God Speaks, People Move – Sermon from 9/10/2017

    When God Speaks 2-web

    When God speaks – people move! Abraham moved into a new home. Moses moved into a new nation. David moved into the Palace. Peter moved into a new career. A woman moved into a new life. When God speaks – people move. Join us as we open our hearts and minds to hear God’s voice speak and prepare our feet to move into the new life God has for each of us. What will God say to you? Where will you move?

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  • God’s Still Creating – David Carter | Sermon from 9/3/2017


    The beginning of any movie sets the scene for everything that follows. If you’ve ever walked into a movie late, you know that catching up on what you missed in the first few moments is crucial. The beginning of our story is just as important. Our story begins with “In the beginning, God…” God created everything, everywhere. And God is still working in our world today, in each one of our lives. In this message we dive into how the beginning of our story can help us understand how God is still creating in our lives today.

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  • Moving Forward – Sermon from 5/28/2017

    ascension 2017 b-web

    When Jesus ascended into heaven, the disciples stood around looking up and thinking back to the time they had spent with Jesus, but messengers from God told them to move forward. Live your lives following the example of the One who has ascended. Memorial Day is also not just a day to look up and think back to the lives of those who sacrificed and served for us. Memorial Day should also be a day to move forward living our lives following the example of those who have given so much. Join us as we see how both Memorial Day and the Ascension of Jesus call us to Move Forward.

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