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  • UNDERDOGS – I’m At A Disadvantage – David Carter | Sermon from 8/25/2019

    Well, we are in our final week of our series called Underdogs… and in this series we’ve been looking at different people in the Bible who would’ve labeled themselves as underdogs… and we looked at the excuses that they probably would’ve been telling themselves in their situations… and frankly, the excuses we probably tell ourselves [...]

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  • UNDERDOGS – Our Labels Limit Us | Sermon from 8/18/2019

    Dogs available for adoption During this series on underdogs, we have learned from some of the true underdogs of Scripture how to rise above the excuses we often use in life to keep us down.  David could have listened to those around him and said, I’m not qualified to be a leader or the King, [...]

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  • UNDERDOGS – I Don’t Have Enough | Sermon from 8/11/2019

    Cocoa from Centre County PAWS   One of the excuses that all underdogs use is: I don’t have enough. • I don’t have enough vision to follow my dreams. • I don’t have enough help to start that new project. • I don’t have enough faith to trust God with this decision. • I don’t [...]

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  • UNDERDOGS – I’m too tired | Sermon from 8/4/2019

    Visit Center County PAWS for information about adopting underdogs. We live in an area known internationally for some great fishing. Barry Johnson Jr. is a fishing guide and he says that what makes the fishing around here so good is that the streams in Centre County are fed by underground springs and the water is [...]

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  • UNDERDOGS – My Chances Are Slim | Sermon from 7/28/2019

                                                              Visit Center County PAWS for information about adopting underdogs. We are in a series called underdogs and in different ways we are all underdogs and we [...]

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  • UNDERDOGS – I’m Not Qualified | Sermon from 7/21/2019

    Visit Center County PAWS for information about adopting underdogs. Unless you are a very fortunate person, every one of us has experienced what it is like to be an underdog. We were been chosen last for the team in gym, picked last for the class project, overlooked for the “select” chorus, rejected for the school [...]

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