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Parent/Teacher Conferences

All children will be assessed for developmental progress.  You are invited to discuss your child’s assessment at a scheduled parent/teacher conference three times a year.  We offer an initial 45 day conference and then two other conferences six months apart.  Other parent conferences can be held upon request by parents, teachers, and/or the program Director.  Conferences are held to assist the teachers in planning an appropriate program curriculum for your child.  Parents will also hear from the center and staff on an on-going basis.  Each child will receive a daily “take home” report.  This form varies from classroom to classroom, however it will include such things as:  a summary of the day’s activities, meal information, and nap/rest information.  Parents will also receive a monthly newsletter for the center outlining such things as: classroom activities for the upcoming month, field trips, and special visitors.

Sunday Morning

8:15 am: Traditional Worship Service with Nursery
10:45 am: Contemporary Worship Service with Nursery and Children’s Church

512 Hughes Street Bellefonte, PA 16823

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