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God moments on the first day of summer . . .

A Prayer for the First Day of Summer

God of creation,
we give you thanks for the gift of the light and warmth of the sun.
As we celebrate light and warmth on this Summer Solstice,
may we recommit ourselves to being the light and warmth of your love
to everyone we meet.
May we smile to share light with others.
May we extend a hand to share the warmth of comfort and companionship.
May we open our eyes to truly see those around us.
May we open our ears to truly hear those whom we encounter.
May all our actions bring glory to your name.
In the name of your most glorious Son, Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

After that prayer was posted on the Faith Church Facebook page last week, we heard about not one, but two “God moments” from a member of the Faith family. She wrote* of God’s goodness below:

I love the arts and traveling. So on Wednesday, I left early to go to Philly to see “Cats”, and I took a route that diverted the delays and arrived at the Lewistown station in plenty of time.  … I met a woman from Argentina. Her husband is the conductor of symphonies and orchestras at Penn State and Williamsburg. She is so lovely!

She was on her way to Philly to hear her son conduct a concert. He attended PSU and is currently at Northwestern. He has an internship with a conductor and asked his Mom to come hear him conduct a concert. She had never used the train from Lewistown to Philly so we sat together and I told her my little hints for picking (selecting) seats to have the best experience. (I lived in Philly for over 30 years. I love this city … so if I can encourage, entice people to visit the birthplace of our nation, I will do it!!!)

Once we arrived at 30th Street Station, I showed her where she needed to be the next day to board the train and told her I would be there to meet her. However, … I was unable to catch up with her in the station in Philly and I did not see her again until we were getting ready to get off at Lewistown. We did spend some time talking after we got off the train. She had a wonderful time at her son’s concert, and said she hoped to see me again. I felt after reading (the summer) prayer, that I did extend the comfort and warmth of comfort and companionship to her on her journey.

Then on my return trip yesterday, … the train was really full! and this gentleman boarded at the usual time. He almost sat with a young guy in front of me, but then looked at me and asked if he could sit with me. I said, “Of course.” In broken English, he asked if I would help him get off at the Lancaster station and I said I would. I started asking him about his journey, and found out he had come to the USA about 2 months ago from Mexico. He had traveled from Lancaster that morning and was returning the same day.

He had a document under his arm. At one point, he removed the contents and looked at them intently on our journey. It looked like a passport to me, but may have been a green card or visa. I do not know the difference. I asked about his family and his work. His family is back in Mexico and he is a painter here. He does not know if he will be able to bring his family here. And he did say that opportunities and money were so much better here in the US. I really felt so humbled by this man who was here without his family and trying to better himself.

When we neared Lancaster I told him this was his stop. I wished him well, and said “God bless you.” He thanked me so many times, even as he was standing in the aisle to get off the train.

So in response to that wonderful prayer: I smiled, I extended my hand, my eyes and ears were open and I hope my actions were worthy ones.

If you go back to the prayer and read it again, you’ll see that indeed, God was working in this person to extend God’s glory, warmth, and love.

God is good, all the time . . . and all the time, God is good.

*story has been edited with permission of the sender