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    Our mission as a church is to help connect you to God and others. Together on Sunday morning, we praise, learn and strengthen our connection with God.

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    Serving others is a great way to honor God. Whether serving within the church or in the community,, we offer a variety of ways for you to utilize your natural gifts and interests while activating your passion to know God.

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    Whether in the church, community or your home, our goal is to build relationships and share life with one another and God. There are a variety of groups to help you grow spiritually, build strong values and enjoy fellowship.

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    unFrozen – Do You Want To Meet a Savior? | Sermon from 12/14/2014

    While the Shepherds and Magi were anxious to meet the new king born in Bethlehem, not everyone wanted to meet the Savior. King Herod was afraid of losing his power so he rejected a meeting with Jesus and instead tried to have him killed. Do you want to meet a savior? There are times we act more like Herod than the Magi and don’t want to meet Jesus, but life and love are only found in his presence. Ask God to unfreeze your heart so that we can give it to Jesus.

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    unFrozen – Let Us Go | Sermon from 12/7/2014

    While Let It Go might be a catchy song in a Disney movie, it makes a lousy response to the birth of Jesus. A better response to Jesus’ birth comes from the shepherds of Bethlehem who after hearing from the angels about the birth of this Savior and King said, “Let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened.” But it wasn’t just the shepherds who said, let us go, it was also Mary and Joseph when they heard from the angel that they were to be parents to the Messiah, and the Wise men when they saw the star in the sky. All through the Christmas story people go TO God and then go WITH God. Come TO God as we worship our Savior and King and find the strength and spirit here to go with God into the world. Let Us Go…

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    unFrozen – Frozen Hearts | Sermon from 11/30/2014

    Whether it is unrest in Ferguson or the terror brought on by ISIS, the world is not what we would want it to be. Love, justice and peace are hard to find. There is uncertainty about our economy, growing tensions in the Middle East and Ebola continues to bring devastation and death to our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone. There seems to be less desire for God but a never ending appetite for entertainment and media and while we have more ways to be connected, we are making less real connections with the people who matter to us the most. The end result of all this is anxiety, fear, disappointment and discouragement. The end result is frozen hearts that struggle to give and receive love and find hope. While things might look dark around us and in us, the world today isn’t that different from the world Jesus entered 2000 years ago.

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