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    Our mission as a church is to help connect you to God and others. Together on Sunday morning, we praise, learn and strengthen our connection with God.

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    Serving others is a great way to honor God. Whether serving within the church or in the community,, we offer a variety of ways for you to utilize your natural gifts and interests while activating your passion to know God.

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    Whether in the church, community or your home, our goal is to build relationships and share life with one another and God. There are a variety of groups to help you grow spiritually, build strong values and enjoy fellowship.

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Recent Sermons

  • Vacation Series-web

    VACATION – Grange Fair – Family, Friends & Food | Sermon from 8/20/2017

    For many people in Centre County, summer vacation plans always include The Grange Fair. Whether you tent, take an RV or just go for the day, the Grange Fair is a tradition for many, but why do people go? When I have asked people that question I have consistently gotten one of three answers, to be with family, to see my friends, to eat food. What many of us love about vacations is time with family and friends and the opportunity to eat good food. Family, friends and food are not just the foundation of the fair and our vacations, they are the building blocks of life and faith. Join us as we explore the role of family, friends and food in our lives and in our faith.

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  • Vacation Series-web

    VACATION – Recalculating | Sermon from 8/13/2017

    Going on vacation with a GPS to guide your way can be great, until you miss the turn and hear that dreaded word… recalculating. Whether it is a missed turn or a closed road or some unexpected event, there are times we all have to recalculate our vacations and there are also times we have to recalculate our lives. When the unexpected happens, there are three things that are needed to help us keep going but in a new direction: faith, courage and humility. Join us as we learn from the journeys of Jonah and Paul how to recalculate.

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  • Vacation Series-web

    VACATION – Rest Stops are Important | Sermon from 8/6/2017

    I am a destination hiker. I like to go straight to the desired location and then stop to enjoy the view, but I have hiking friends who really enjoy the journey. They like to stop and look at flowers, trees and anything else they find interesting along the way. Over the years they have slowed me down and have taught me that rest stops are important. In our life and faith we can get so goal and destination oriented that we forget to seek God along the way. Join us as we learn from Moses and Jesus how rest stops can help us learn, listen and love more faithfully.

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