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Next Steps after Easter

Life in the power and victory of Jesus continues . . .

At Faith Church, we believe that the victorious life God wants for each of us is experienced most fully as we deep our relationships, including

  • our relationship with God,
  • our relationship with one another in the church, and
  • our relationship with those in the world around us.

This Easter season, experience the power of this victorious life in Jesus by taking a next step in your faith today.

Relationship with God

Evaluate your current relationship wil God and discover additional next steps by clicking on the link below to take this faith assessment:

Relationship with the Church

Experience new and vital relationships with others in the church by joining one of our small groups. A current offering of small groups, Sunday School classes and Bible studies you can join can be found here:

Relationship with the World

Serve those in need in Jesus’ name (and with others here at Faith Church) by taking part in this Saturday’s Serving Our Seniors. Sign up today at

Our prayer is that your next step is an intentional one that draws you closer to God and others in love, hope, power, victory and true life.

Have questions about any of these next steps or the Three Relationships? Contact David Carter at the church office at 814.355.3358 or at his email,

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