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    Our mission as a church is to help connect you to God and others. Together on Sunday morning, we praise, learn and strengthen our connection with God.

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    Serving others is a great way to honor God. Whether serving within the church or in the community,, we offer a variety of ways for you to utilize your natural gifts and interests while activating your passion to know God.

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    Whether in the church, community or your home, our goal is to build relationships and share life with one another and God. There are a variety of groups to help you grow spiritually, build strong values and enjoy fellowship.

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Recent Sermons

  • Selfless

    Selfless – Grateful in the Grind | Sermon from February 23, 2020

    Not long ago, I was asked what was on my bucket list and I had to stop and think about it. I have traveled to most of the places I have wanted to go, and some of the places I wanted to go when I was younger are no longer on my list – for [...]

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  • Selfless

    SELFLESS ISH – EXTRAVAGANT in Generosity | Sermon from 02/16/2020

    You have probably heard that everything is good in moderation and it’s true. Valentine’s Day candy, whether it’s chocolates or those candy hearts are good – in moderation. If you eat the whole heart shaped box in one sitting, or the entire bag in an afternoon, it’s not so good. Exercise in moderation is good, [...]

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  • Selfless

    SELFLESS – COURAGEOUS in Service | Sermon from 02/09/2020

    This past week we marked an event that in so many ways has changed our lives and our culture, Facebook turned 16. It was February 4, 2004 that Facebook was launched by a group of students at Harvard led by Mark Zuckerburg. You probably have heard of Facebook, and other social media platforms like Instagram, [...]

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Sunday Morning

8:15 am: Traditional Worship Service with Nursery
10:45 am: Contemporary Worship Service with Nursery and Children’s Church

512 Hughes Street Bellefonte, PA 16823

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